State of our Union



As planets orbiting the sun

Our solar system’s come undone

We’ve deviated from the path

Forgotten logic, ignored the math

Our ego’s blind us to the facts

We’ve broken all of our contracts

There is no “I” in the word “team”

We’ve lost all hope, refuse to dream

We talk but don’t communicate

We just make noise and act irate

We judge our friends before they speak

We see the thoughtful as the weak

We’ve replaced merit with our greed

We lack the passion to succeed

Will the future’s foundation ever be built?

Will I turn away and hide from guilt?

I know that I must share the blame

Carry my part of our joint shame

Our sins are not always apparent

What’s in our minds is not transparent

We dodge, we jump, and we deviate

We avoid the truth and embrace hate

My vision reaches as far as my nose

My foolish pride leaves me exposed

We contribute to the degradation

We mock ourselves and hurt the nation

We are people of words who do not act

The time has passed to display tact


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