Looking for someone who speaks bluntly
Searching for someone who speaks honestly
Then we find out
Without a doubt
That someone who speaks bluntly
Might not be someone who speaks honestly
But, as for this Blunt of whom we speak
She has no dishonesty streak
In her work, she speaks bluntly Yes bluntly, but honestly
Looking at this Blunt we speak of her She is someone we hold so dear
She is just plain Elizabeth
And not Queen Elizabeth
But she has queenly features
As found in her news features
She is not like a blunt knife
Set to cut off someone’s life
But she has a mindset that is sharp
Calming like the music from a harp
Bringing truth with her news
Yet in hope with her views
This is the Blunt for long we know
This is the Blunt in whom we glow
This is why we honor her today
In our own Liberian Way

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