Sorrow and Joy


The placid morning nap is sweet
Especially when the spring breeze is dalling
With the flowers and trees around the casement
And the delicate fragrance of the roses permeating
The paths of glory lead but to the grave.
We merry today and tomorrow we die intestate
Some woo fame; some woo wealth
But doomsday shall be the end
The salt has lost its taste
And if worst comes to worst,
We all shall bow
And indeed paradise shall be unreachable
Our thoughts and deeds are evil
I know mercy shall never show its face nor goodness
Our hearts have become so dark
And psyche filled with fiends
The frame of minds of man has become vile
We laugh
And the world laugh with us
But when we cry, we cry along.
Sorrow is along; joy is together
The moon wanes when full
And summer wanes as autumn approaches
The sweet prospects, sweet birds and sweet flowers
Shall soon lose their sweetness
And that no man shall live forever


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