Sometimes A Day Is Just A Day


And sometimes, it is more significant to others than ourselves

A big pot o' 'tato greens, thick with flavor and simmering with love so golden

Like those tender, sweet, orange plantains

Is all someone special needs to say

About how special we are to them, on any given day

We take, we give, but do we save these moments in the deepest depths of our hearts?

Sometimes a smile is a smile, and a word is just a word

Sometimes these each are significant in their own way to those we love and prefer

And the strangers we encounter;

For affirmation, for giving back

For letting a loved one know that we more than concur with their acts;

For with their acts, they show us love in the purest, most natural order

Love and gratitude are not specialities,

But special sentiments for the special people in our lives

That appreciate us for who we are,

Forever finding no fault in our stars,

Judging not what our thoughts hold, and us not the scars

For wherever the heart lies,

There the treasures will be

And what ever a man measures himself by, that he is, indeed

But the more these treasures are released as much as received,

The more bountiful these treasures will be;

The more spiritually opened eyes will see, in spirit and in truth,

What these treasures will mean

In fore and hindsight

Then a day will be more than a day

And a smile more than a smile;

Nothing shall be lost

If the ingredients are not tiring, but just right

Then, the efforts of simple gestures

Will hold more value than the cost

In that given day, the time spent in special moment

Is the special sauce

That makes the soul food in our lives tasty and worthwhile

And our prayer will be that when we break bread with loved ones,

We may also provide for the stranger, the widow and the fatherless

For when they smile, all is complete

This is the truest of all faiths

Thank God for everyone and for the special moments.


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