Seven by Seven


Seven figure that counts itself two times

A portion will be made in full measures

A morsel complete for the ease of most

A season granted for a proof of the lead

A reap of the many fruits that bloomed

Seven by Seven

A count on my fingers in many sequences

A exercise in fulfillment of what was given

A thank prayer for life so happy and blessed

A place in the sun firm on my own two feet

A clap of joy to the great master of the all

Seven by Seven

A carnival of joy rendered to a King of Kings

A shell borrowed for five scores to purple in

A float up in the bronze skies to paint for all

A garden petal dazzling in the morning rays

A dusty shrub lodged by the forest streams

Seven by Seven

A chant of the inner appreciation for breath

A drill of praises which shall not be silenced

An exhibit to the deaf and mute I love Jesus

A youthful fountain in its prime flowing gifts

A squat on the golden mark of half a century

Seven by Seven

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