The cool of the mild breeze on your face

As the world quietly spins by our dreams

Taking along the tiny pieces thought

Built in our souls from the beginning

Colors of purpose some with a slight haze

Paste our inimitable globe into our tinge

Poised as feathered flyers on brittle ends

Suddenly pitched as an eagle towers wings

Beneath millions of feet in boots the worms

Makes mold hills out of not but shere gusto

Bade uneven fears a lazy wave to the bins

Loose as a butterfly kite in free sea breeze

Leads you toward the land lined with sands

Golden in the milleniims from a foamy bath

Walk down the jagged way so reach to glory

Rimmed by the times equal to the challenges

Worship to satisfy your holiness oh awesome

Clap warmth near the wet toes of some needy

Spread wide the cheeks to make a sunshine true

Glow as a candle lit on the hill top touch many


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