At midnight the moon stood at her best
Glow the dark patches hid from the skies
Those lazy nocturnals rush out to feed fast
The dignity of August just whisked me by
Dawn cracks to the sound of early prayer
In the east the rising sun blazes its aura
September 1

At nineteen the muse of when is the future
Ginger plus caramel attach for the long march
Tapestry of silk lined our earth beaten travels
Toward the light our sail drifted quietly but right
Diamonds glitzy spark fades beside my joyful
In time the long awaited shall be revealed fully
September 1

At a dot to half of a full century on this terrestrial
Gentle the hands of the deeds dealt towards me
Taken a step at a time the stitches never fell off
Towers like an ivory skillfully sculpted to attract
Diadems of handsome boys festoons my gather
In comfort like a princess a walk to a noble age
September 1


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