Self-Made Illiterates


The most painful ones are the beautiful ladies

They are self-made unlearned young women

They thought schooling was a mere time waster

They are finer than most flowers but dull heads

They walk like no one else have stepped before

They shake their hams like a singing native man

They wear clothes like it was made for them only

They are pompous and usually void of reasoning

Self-made Illiterates

The shame drives them to pretend so comfortable

They are a product of indiscipline and so uncouth

They rejected all attempts to mold their youth then

They exhibit their available for trade bargaining

They talk callously and carelessly with no finesse

They use what is outside to determine their worth

They hang close in a knit as a consolation to each

They are terribly insecure and have rotten self-ego

Self-Made Illiterates

The row of elite learned women intimidates them

They live in fantasy and only wish it was all so real

They busy like bees but like bees but end poor as all is scattered

They eyes like the vulture ready to devour any

They live on lies forgetting like cards it will crumble

They treasure mere things more than human dignity

They use anything to make it to the zenith for a while

They are a bunch of women to fear all just for money

Self-Made Illiterates


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