Salute to the Armed Forces of Liberia


Such was that moment they were so despised

Such was the time they had no familiar friend

So dire it was many wished that they vanished

But in time they will unearth their truth bearings

In time they will mount from that era of triviality

Salute to our National Army

Such was the instance many would laugh at them

Such was that time death was greeted with smirks

Awful it was many wished they never ascend again

But in time all that will change for the greater good

In time they will once again be our nation’s pride

Salute to our National Army

The Lieutenants the Generals the Corporals

The Majors the Colonels the Sergeants the Privates

Five stars three stars and all those honors bestowed

Vibrant men and women of our dear motherland

In time we will sing sonnets about their greatness

Salute to the Armed Forces of Liberia


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