The match’s whistle sounds the stadium to a standstill
Ball in action as eager feet ready to make perfect passes
Keen eyes to take in all the moment’s glory no lesser
Wanting a GOAL to make the day not being worthless
Eager legs so robust to tackle and keep the game going
Fantastic they label those passes that arouse the crowd
Each must make play the game good the fans cheering
Of time given so they must do the best for a day’s smile
As eyes search the ears listen the heart pray the lips shut
Salute The Game
Swift feet tense minds and unity that keeps them abreast
Conscious of the how and when the ball must be played
Mundane to make out as champions of the amazing game
Desiring a GOAL to make the moment worth fighting for
Some will cheer on whilst others will wail the day’s fate
Keeping in mind this day’s record to be revered infinitely
Never will it be forgotten even when all is worn and done
This game that makes the best the worst and vice versa
Salute The Game


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