Curled like a rubber tire on fire

Attractive and beautiful near May

Filling my day with sanguine energy

Leaving behind me the dark sad spots

Where nature peeled our emotions raw

Maybe to strengthen us for better acts

Flow rich and dense this pump of life


Sparkled with jewels encrusted in tin

Adorned by damsels of decades away

For the look of a princess on her throne

Free as a thread loose in the open meadow

Love the air as it dances on her tan brown

True to graceful greens nothing passes theirs

Bowed humbly for our days pinned to a count


In culinary delights our mouths water waters hungrily

When bakers placate red sweet surfaces stiff

To capture a picture of an event that sparks

The veins run deep as it gushes real flavors

Sometimes too on edge for a bite by tasty

Like the name depicts it is meant to vibrate

Reveal a poise that leads one to win all walks



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