The Fever Of Distant Love


To the memory of the lady I saw in China

The lady I met in China land

How dear are you to my heart

As I still harbor in my mind thy angelic face

The radiance of love placed in my heart remains burning

Every time I stretch thereto my imagination

Recounting your unforgettable action of love

And the way you and I were so close and mutually kind

My mind itches and my heart cannot cease hosting dearly

And I wish we were always together in a spirit of honeymoon

At close range looking at each other face to face

Greasing and mutually fueling the hearts with doses of love

How then do I discharge my memory of your love

When deep in my soul I could feel the fever of love

As I imagine your beautiful face there in China land

Here in my land though far away yet close because of you

But one day we shall meet again under the lovers’ tree

Under the radiant beautiful color of Chinese decorated lights

To be once again together under the lovers’ creed

Blending our thoughts and sharing lovely smiles

Let me bid you farewell my love

Her name is Jia Guo 郭佳 or Iris

The hobby is singing, interpreting, and keeping pet dogs

A little naughty, a little creative, fancy being herself

Love to challenge different fields, sensitive and warmhearted.


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