Place Of Honesty


We are yet to determine that place
A spot where we will state the truth
With open hearts to accept our faults
Seeing all of us as one people by God
With human equality right and dignity
Just because we are of the same stuff
Place Of Honesty……. We Seek
We simple as a group of easy goers
Vent our hates for the season propel us
Hungry souls are bent low in plain lack
Gather the lot of the inner clique to share
In nasty water lodged corners families hides
That they have nowhere to protect their kids
Place Of Honesty……. We Strive
We deserve a land rich like our mountains
Rivers filled with stones that the world crave
Forest God grown with massive costly trees
Plain lands that yield yellow golden rocks
Valleys planted with ore needed everywhere
Rains so much we will feed every child a liter
Place Of Honesty……. We Survive


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