Palm Butter


It was a monday and man it was humid
It was necessary to remove my coat first
It was late to go driving to the city then
It was good for a drink of the natural milk
It was a process to go and find the hawker
It was as usual the guy in stained clothes
It was paid for three tree freshly cut coconut
It cooled my fast as I drank it with zest
Ummmmm Palm Butter
It was being picked off the husk for sale
It was spread out on the table in portions
It was a point of attraction in the dingy corner
It rhymed with the skin tone of the girl seller
It was praised as being fresh and full of oil
It looked nice to give it a trial all the hard work
It weighed my arms as I carried it in a black bag
It takes me back to my younger days of cooking
Ummmmmm Palm Butter
It is washed boiled and beaten in a wooden mortar
It must be sorted out seed by seed and juicy pulp
It has to be watered and cleanly strained to season
It begins to boil and assorted meats added to taste
It foams and fall all over the silver pot but cooks well
It tickens as the red coals heat the brew soon eaten
It liquified to a thin layer of healthy rich red edible oil
It serves best with fufu or deepo or our famous rice
Ummmmmmm Palm Butter


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