Only The Best Will Do


A tribute to Sister Muriel Best on the occasion of her 86th birth anniversary 

by Togba-Nah Tipoteh

When looking for someone real
Be sure to look for Sister Muriel
She is as real as they come
As you too would like to become
Just like her with no pretense
Speaking in the present or in any tense
Starting from the Hill of Snapper
Where she grew up and returned to later
Sister Muriel became the Exemplary
Taken straight from the People’s Dictionary
Just as her Parents taught her to know
Exactly how she began to grow
Sharing her knowledge with others
As this sharing is nothing that bothers
For nothing is too small for her to do
In sharing, only the Best will do
As she continues to see the Best in you
With commitment to see you through
This is the beauty of Sister Muriel
Not the beauty just to look at
But the real beauty from the heart

Monrovia, February 25, 2018


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