On the Ninth Day, Death Was Created


It was in pre-geo-existence when God hovered down and spoke

the words that created the world and us. Then the one-union-story

that bounded us together with Him in daily companionship ended when

the third party was breathed and shortly permitted in the fourth that birthed unto

us death, the ninth creation by Satan and Us! Each day our heartbeats are

heightened by the fear of death for ourselves and the people we love.

Virtuous men and women had passed away, some did while carrying the Cross, other

while living for humanity or in earthly bliss. And those that lived their lives in

un-ripped seasons either for Christ or Selves are also the objects of our memories

during a funeral situation. The bitter-sweet whispers of our deceased loved ones

hissing long memory to our minds’ eyes  make that moment quiet in strange solitude.

Colleagues, why the wailing with river eyes when your deceased mother had won the race

But is simply put aside for sound rest until taken to her mansion in eternity? And so

while we mourn let’s remember that living “Primary Task” to Life is carrying the cross

and outwardly wasting away our lives in Him for resurrection in new life today and in glory

tomorrow. And may we also pray that God divining spirit gives us good might

to kill worldly lust and this thorn in us that so often troubles our peace and nags us with self-pity and guilt——-


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