Of Faith, Hope and Love


Do you’ve faith to remove mountain,

Or hope that life must go on;

And love that doesn’t discriminate?

Then, you’re on track my friend!

For, having faith to surmount your obstacles,

Hope that life must go on no matter what;

And love that transcends all barriers,

Makes you quite wonderful, too!

Faith is bold and stronger than might,

Hope is courageous than an athlete;

And love knows no condition,

Possessing these makes life worth living!

Let your faith not be weak,

And let your hope not be in man;

Or your love full of condition,

Your faith, hope and love should be unwavering!

For, having faith even to the end,

And hope that your time will inevitably come;

Or love that doesn’t discriminate,

Will indelible impact your life-style my friend!


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