Nothing To Be Guilty Of


She had to start somewhere in time

Shoes and bag were all in hand

Her hair was tucked into a rough duo

Her mind was made up about it

Words are just about others view

Women stand up right for your say

Stop milling over what is now spilled

The past was and now the lessons

Girlfriend you carved a way from dust

Have…Nothing To Be Guilty Of

Her life was in a whirlwind all the time

Men came and went like the harmattan

But the scars remained on her mind

Picking up the pieces was a challenge

In a few weeks more school fees waited

Like a ripe plum she hung there stoically

Pray never strayed far from her full lips

Dawn brought new fervor for her resolve

Great leaders rose out her simple abode

Have…Nothing To Be Guilty Of

Walk into the coming months as a star

Let no cloud no matter how thick hide you

Turn your body side ways to avoid obstacles

Step into new ventures with good perspective

Hold strong those blood ties that never break

Protect your smile to feed energy to those hurt

Hand your problems to the one high above all

Giants are equipped from the tiny busy ants

Peace moats the confidence of pacesetters

Have…Nothing To be Guilty Of


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