Nelson Mandela Forever


For a first time one is hailed as forever

Free from that strings that binds to morals

Faithfully he molded his path to be bright

Fantastic was the cause for which he fought

Famous the prison term for a freedom fighter

Fringed near no other giant in living memory

Flight on white wings away near to midnight

Flameless now the single bright light of time

Forever … An Icon Created A Frame

Friends in struggle torture and statesmanship

Foe once to a system that suppressed humans

Fastidious that this change had to come for all

Fitness a treat for the soul in his four by four cell

Frontline the cause of freedom of blacks

Fear meant triumph plus for courage in the battles

For to be free is not just so but live respectively

From a black or white or brown hate is barbaric

Forever… A Legend Is Gone Home


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