Naming and Shaming


By Gideon Nma Scott, Jr.

I am often told,
I should not name and shame;
Somehow the name has become
The very shame itself.

The shame comes not from the name,
It comes from the actions;
The misconduct, the desecration,
Supporting evidence has proven.

The greatest factory of shame,
The blanket denial of human rights;
The denial of the right to life,
Stealing enormously shames.

Arbitrary arrest shames,
Rape shames;
The denial of human dignity,
The denial of development shames.

I shame the name of your conduct,
The loss of face has been inflicted;
The loss of trust by friend and foes;
The shame you brought on yourself.

I am an independent voice,
I say what I believe to be true;
It is not to name and shame,
But to expose the abuses inflicted on me.


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