My Natal Day


I will celebrate my natal day

The time when I will be sitting

Among dignitaries and considered

To be one of them

Now, I am considered inferior to the superior.

But that day will come and

I, too, will sit and enjoy the same

Delicious meal with the same

People that scorn me.

The day will come

When the news will permeate the world

That I am celebrating my natal day

I am praying all day

evoking the Holy Spirit to keep

My psyche pure and clean

Oh death, hide you mug

And permit me to see that day

When I will be rolling in the bed of joy

And dancing in the cloud of happiness.

I know that I will forget all

When I’m in the glory of success’

And we all will glut ourselves with muffins’

and trudge away in a joyful mood.


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