Sadly she does the greatest harm

Without a heart of care for another

Once her dirty pot is boiling it is ok

If her kin gets bruise it means not

By the way her girl and pretty and hot

Openly you break up a woman life

To traffic your child right in your face

Mothers Take A Stand

Somedays the act will trail the girl

The seeds we sow must be reaped

Then her own tears will fill buckets

Sorrow shall be her pillow at night

Pictures of the past would flashback

Pains mixed with regrets make shades

Discourage the path of sugar daddy

Mothers Take A. Stand

Dismiss the thrill of listening to news

Break her family seal your girl doom

Build happy homes with a locked jaw

Keep your soul by keeping your mouth

Be a positive role model to a daughter

Teacher her good moves to win in chess

He only needs her for a few hours

Mothers Take A Stand


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