Monrovia, where are you:
Monrovia, Monrovia, where are you?

I am here, surrounded by darkness;
I have become the least among you my friends;
Corruption, greed and power have ruined me.

Monrovia, are you there?

Yes, I am here, you need a generator or solar panel to see me.
I lost electricity when my so called liberators came and
Destroyed/snatched away city power;
Sold the poles and crushed water lines,
In the name of liberation

Monrovia, are you in a train or plane;

How can I be in a plane or train, when I do not own one?
When all my people think about is
Corruptions, big lies and empty promises;
The noise you hear is the noise of motor bikes
That has taken over the entire streets and land.

Monrovia,; What is happening , are you okay;

Friends, I am disturbed and sick, but whom do I go to for treatment,
My land runs out of doctors and nurses;
Hospitals and clinics are not equipped.
Monrovia how are your children?
They are frustrated and uncomfortable.
The schools and Universities have gone
without teachers and school materials.
When out of university/college, there is no job placement.
Jobs are occupied through friendship and favoritism on purpose.

Monrovia, Can we help?
We remember during 70/80’s your land was the place to be;
We came from abroad for greener pastures;
We went to discos/parties 24/7 ; electricity was all over the land
This was the land of peace, freedom, and unity.
It is our time to help you

My dear friends, I will really appreciate your assistance if
Funds from donors be forwarded through the World Bank and
Projects be implemented by donors; Thanks for your interest;
But please remember that I will not always rely on your funds;
I would appreciate if you could send me trade and academic
Instructor, equipment and tools in various fields: agriculture,
Electronics, graphic arts, architecture, carpentry, etc to impact
Vocational knowledge in my people, and make us independent.

Monrovia, Yes friends; Is this what you want

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