In the black jeep l sat cold and in work mode
The heavy downpour had beaten me so good
Eventhough my fuchsia raincoat covered me
From the house eve to the car I was bathed
The blessed sky blue juice feeding the land
Runs down towards the already full swamp
Those waters now flow over the entire land
Just before I encountered the two pretty girls
Mercy and Princes

In slacks they walked shuddering from the cold
The teachers had asked them to go back home
Even though schools been told to resume early
From head to toe the rains poured down fast
Their note books sealed safely in UNICEF bags
Right on their cheeks spread a pierced dimple
Touching the tender childish grim they cast at me
Joyously they called their names and smiled too
Mercy and Princess

In dreams of distant lands but they will make it
The pains of today surely turn to victory later
Every amount of energy burn now will replenish
Free from the rot of dependency on Papa wealth
Taught to learn and strive at each new challenge
Routed to stand strong in the midst of falling walls
Tempered to endure days of humble beginnings
Jets in flight will not fly faster than the two sisters
Mercy and Princess


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