Silent dawn, by your touch my mood metamorphosed in to this quietude
flowing from unconscious memories of hidden legends. Stagnated in the pit
of all busy hearts are hissings of arms that can’t embrace anymore, voices
that can’t shun societal evils, and lives that can’t be replaced. They were the
ones that birthed the dream which brought our motherland into being. They
were also those that inspired us to rise above mediocrity and poverty. The awakening
of such moods leave blank spots in one’s day and often amputates your breathe, perhaps
like that aged-fish hooked out of the water fated to feed a household of, I guess, 15 in a community that neighbors Philadelphia where leisure and forgetting drove me yesterday to observe my cherished customs-quiet time and poetrying. I paced through those colorful estates
that don’t pay taxes. Abruptly standing motionless in a congregation of pastors,
songsters, and members who were neither preaching, singing nor listening to prophecies that
had turned our Father’s temple into a house of den and “water side,” I ponderingly wondered aloud “should we question the sanity of those who had removed the ancient landmark and replaced discipline with disintegrations that spell words like teen-prostitution?” Though dark these moments of doubt and lament may seem, I trust will come a day when my country will overcome lameness and empty speeches to task itself with an honest life that obligates each one to brave the storm and dethrone his own evil and poverty. Though unemployment has increased by the purchase of insurance stickers that put some “brabes” out of job, I trust will come a day when the living will not envy the dead, plot against them and loot their homes in Palm grove, Philadelphia, and elsewhere. I also pray will come a day when the police will use the power Jesus Christ vested in them, but now dormant, to bound and cast away those legions that are abusing our brothers and sisters in the graves of the dead and even those in the cemeteries of the living either on tor-tor base and elsewhere.


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