Mandela @ 100


In celebration of the 100th birth anniversary of the global leader Madiba Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela 

By Dr. Togba- Nah Tipoteh

Yes Madiba, you are still alive
As we still need you to survive
Even as you bear the age of a century
You are the People’s Person of the Century
With the monetized global leader
Separating the Child from the Mother, the Feeder
The world looks up to you, the Humanized Leader
To bring together the Child and Mother, the Feeder
For you remain the People’s Global Leader
As you share from your Heavenly Reader
What the world needs most
But seems to have lost
How you brought down apartheid
Working within the People’s Stride
Openly sharing your Love
That comes from Heaven above
To the point of making the ultimate sacrifice
Inspired by the Heavenly Advice
Live not for your self
But for the other self
So that freedom can prevail
That’s why for you we come to hail
Madiba Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
With all of the halla halla
You are still the People’s Liberator
Still alive and making the world better


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