The close of 2013 brought us to another chapter in life’s Journey.

We began the voyaged visitant with a few sentences and then built it 

into paragraphs, perhaps with a topic sentence run-on-sentences

with missing links from our set goals or not? 

How many dreamers may have transitioned to this year with out a

complete chapter? By the way, what events and people are making up

your subplots? Have you written a realistic annual-topic sentence?

Have you plan for the climax, falling action, or resolutions of untangled

strings? Note that there will be exclamatory marks that would often bring

your life to a crisis proportion, or commas that will make you pause

for deep breathe, perhaps without a cause. Don’t call them a mess.

Just withdraw to a solitary place to review and plan for the next months.

Or pray, saying “God, if it is your will let not this cup pass over me.” 

And remember that life is lived in editions——–  


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