Liberians? Have We Forgotten?


To keep God over our lives?
That he spared us from death?
That we could have been forgotten?
When thousands were made homeless?
To sleep on rocks out in the bare bushes?
Liberians? Have we forgotten How To Pray?
To bend on our four in reverence?
That we are healthy and sleeping well?
That the arrows that fly by day missed us?
When some nearby get snared daily?
To run with babies food and husbands?
Liberian? Have We Forgotten To Pray?
To love each other without hatred?
That the weakest get a standard learn?
That the market women educate their kids?
When many crave a classroom door?
To just be able to read a line in the textbook?
Liberian? Have We Forgotten to Pray?
To be good to all the poor and rick=h alike?
 That somehow we were not consumed?
That goodness and mercy followed us?
When we lived walked and slept in sin?
To only be able to wake up each morning?
Liberians? Have We Forgotten to Pray?


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