Liberian Woman


By Ivan Brooks, Sr.

Liberian woman, Buchanan woman
Mamba queen, daughter of Gbehzon
Give me your hands and make me a man
Your beautiful heart is the prize I’ve won.

Liberian Woman, resourceful woman
Breadwinner of the Merry Go Round Market
Children mother, where are superwoman?
You gave me life, and this I will never forget.

Liberian woman, my Yekepa woman
Queen of Camp four, bride of Zorh-Tappa
Smother my Nimba GB, my Ganta woman
Take me on a guided tour of beautiful Tapehta .

Liberian Woman, Zwedru woman
My Precious gem from Seneeween
Take me to the elders of your home Town
Take me home my Gbarzohn Queen

Liberian Woman, Mandingo Woman
Queen of Bopulu, Empress of Africa
You are truly the essence of a strong woman
Take me home to the aromatic smell of Sumalah.
Liberian Woman, Enlightened Woman
Female President of Africa’s first republic
Born of a Liberian Woman, my native woman
Birth mother of the April twelfth conflict.


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