Liberia, The Land


The birds carols so beautifully in the morning

With the sun emerging so early

Where sometimes the day begins with struggle and

Misfortune in this little nation, Liberia

 Liberia, the land of the free

And the home of the brave

Is a little interesting nation

With total diversity of looking forward

Oh God, darkness and quiet conduce to sleep

And time elapses with in the twinkling of an eye

Where we sit and give invective speeches

Not considering our miserable conditions

Some people only seeking their own interest

Leaving the masses in total penury

Making justice inaccessible to the masses

And only accessible to people little affluence

You sit all day and hit goblets

Drinking cherry and whisky liker water

Doing things that are considered inhumane

Forgetting the proposition that all men are created

Equal and supported to be treated equally.


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