Liberia The Comic Mic


By Ivan Brooks, Sr.

Flat divisive political jokes
Told by heartless crooks
Funny and very unrealistic
Jokes many considered sarcastic
All vague empty promises
Made to the gullible masses.

Flat promissory jokes
Instead of bank notes
Our country is a comic,
A disastrous scenic
Casualty of indulgence
Void of any substance
Yet the crowd follows
Laughing out their sorrows
At their deceptive jokes
Destined for the history books.

Flat human rights jokes
Why isn’t it off the hook
When power was used
And women were abused?
You once laughed aloud
When you shot in the crowd
Why no applauds now?
Once upon a time we had to bow
To you like empty bags of wool
your jokes no more seem cool.

Flat, funny electoral jokes
Designed to get needed votes
By few pseudo political crooks
With many degrees in big books
Broader part of a political cartel
That runs the nation like a brothel
Listen to the masses reactions
Results derived from your actions

Look how flat your jokes just fell
How many people, can you tell?
Yet you proceed with your comic lines
Your entourages and many concubines
Swimming in your Club Beer pools
Expecting the masses to laugh like fools
All because they considered Liberia
As a big open mic they use to lie.




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