Ode to Liberty Party: Together We Can Do Better


By Nvasekie N Konneh

To all Liberians, There comes a time when we
Must come together and sing this song,
Together we can do better.
Oh yes, with Liberty Party,
We believe we can do better
With Liberty Party change is inevitable

A new day has just begun as the sun
Rises on the horizon signaling change
A change for better Liberia for all Liberians
Join Liberty Party to end stagnation and poverty
For a new and vibrant Liberia,
Change is what we need
Together we can do better.

Say no to poverty and diseases
Say no to corruption and ethnic division
Say yes to peace and reconciliation
Say yes to development and progress
Say yes to our collective desire for change
Change for vibrant and progressive Liberia
Together we can do better.

For so long we have been stuck In the dungeon of poverty
For so long we have been trapped
In the prison of darkness
Now we must free ourselves
And embrace the signs of change
And sing this song, together we can do better.

Long live the Liberty Party
The party of change, development and progress.
We believe in freedom and equality for all Liberians
We stand together lifting each other up
For a better Liberia where patriotism will define
Everything we say and do for our nation
Together we can do better.


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