Hello Mama Liberia


By Ivan Brooks, Sr.

Hello Mama Liberia
Wake up. Are you still deeply asleep dreaming of a bright and better future?
Tell me Mama, tell me why do you weep
Is it because you lack infrastructure?
Are you now beginning to really wonder
What really happened over the past years?
I see you looking over your left shoulder
Occasionally praying and shedding tears
Are you looking for your missing children?
Many, many hundreds and thousands of them
Who packed and at the least chances ran
Into exile to avoid a rather brutal clem
We all know you sit and secretly wonder
Why they no more live like true brethren
They constantly hate and fight each other
Are you still crying for your lost children?
Tell me Mama, why don’t you sleep no more?
Indeed you lost hundreds, thousands of them
Many who you wont be able to see anymore.

Hello mama Liberia,
Does your rich black soil still grow liberica?
The beautiful dark aromatic bean of coffee
Loved by Arabia, Asia, Europe and America
Planted by my native forefathers for free
Toiling from sunset with little or no sleep
Sometimes given a cup of palm wine as food
Slaving for Borbor John who’ve made him weep
Mama Liberia, your dark past wasn’t so good
It’s about time, time now to come very clean
About many things not written in history books
Land of liberty still, without the fame of green
You are now led by pseudo politicians and crooks
Oh Mama Liberia, once called Africa’s golden child
Your dark earth is now stained with innocent blood
Spilled by coerced child soldiers who ran wild
Led by adults who looted and killed in coldblood
Truth be told, this was planned by today’s leaders
See your people suffering and living in poverty
It’s time to purge yourself off those who misled us
And place our sweet land under God’s authority

Hello mama Liberia
Are you still the continent’s bright beacon of hope
To whom dissidents flocked from all over Africa?
When you gave out asylum and freedom like a rope
Or are you seriously still the stepchild of America,
Proudly speaking that Congur ex slave serees?
Oh Mama, it’s time to wake up from your slumbers
Don’t forget you sold out for Firestone’s rubber trees
Your children are living slave-like in tiny quarters
Do you think the meager wages are just and fair?
Why did you give away millions acres of your lands?
For rubber-nectar to blind workers and cake their hair
While millions of dollars go through corrupt hands
Oh Mama, can’t you see times have really changed?
Don’t you want to renegotiate that concession deal
For the tappers try your best to have it all rearranged
So the ugly wounds of unjust exploitation can heal.

Hello Mama Liberia
Are you still aware you were called the gem of Africa?
Because of your vegetation and many natural resources
Or have you become one of Africa’s feared listeria
Because of the senseless wars, poverty and diseases?
That you’re now one of the world’s and Africa’s least?
Do you really wish to remain a very big docile sheep
On whom the world and Africa will come and just feast?
How long Mama Liberia, how long will you remain asleep?
Rise up from your slumbers and once again take your place
Strive once again to stand among the continent’s greats
For so long now you have represented a big disgrace
Do it for your children because a greater future awaits.


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