Let The Rule of Law Prevail


Tribute to the memory of Counsellor David A. B. Jallah, former Dean Of The Law School, University of Liberia

By Togba-Nah Tipoteh

When we sing All Hail Liberia All Hail
We must let the Rue of Law prevail
Because the Rule of Outlaw
Is nothing but a dismal flaw
The flaw that leads to violence
And even civil war in the sequence
In the Mode of Prevention Better Than Cure
And the Love of Justice for All to secure
Counsellor David Jallah enters the intellectual scene
With his historically informed legal machine
He earns his place in the School of Law
To prevent the presence of the Rule of Outlaw
For the essence of the Rule of Law to prevail
To justify our singing All Hail Liberia All Hail
By schooling an increasing core of persons
Through teaching with history to learn the right lessons
Students now become lawyers sent out to do the Walk
Of what lessons they have learned through the Talk
To protect with their Walk Liberia’s Constitution
This then becomes, for the lawyers, their sworn Mission
This then becomes, for Counsellor David Jallah, his earned legacy
Earned not for self but for the non-self called democracy
So that the Rule of Law will prevail
As we proudly sing All Hail Liberia All Hail


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