They will wake up tomorrow morning and find their reputation rooted-
And fames washed from the shores of History like this empty
holiday spent with nothing to celebrate.
These titles, these statuses, these poverty inventors may wish to have another chance.
But who will live 10 minutes after death and is not humane, humble,
generous, and Holy? Should we not learn from the story of Lazarus?
Should we not learn from the stories of Scott, Blah, and the thousand others?
But how poisonous is a power that consumes the heart and diseased the mind.
And how possible will a person have any sight of vision when hotels have replaced
homes and lust-life is much leisure to them?

May be we should write their obituaries and post them on their beer
tables and lust-beds.
Should they read them, maybe they will, like Alfred Nobel, change their legacy.
Better so that will be worth it. Better so lives will get best and Liberia will prosper.
Better so this land will be a sweet land of Liberty for ALL.
Then they will truly have a life-inspiring LEGACY that lasts….


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