KYB @ 80


A poem in celebration of the 80th birth anniversary of the journalists’ journalist, Kenneth Yakpawolo Best (KYB)

By Togba-Nah Tipoteh

It is hard to believe
As we try to receive
The Breaking News
Coming through many reviews
That KYB is now eighty years of age
With brains working like a person of sage
Though he has reached the age of eighty
He jumps around like one in the age of sixty
For ones who are not physically fit
Don’t ever try him, not even a little bit
For ones who do not feel mentally fit
Don’t ever try him at his mental wit
Because he is as fit
As his ever ready wit
And for this, not even a little bit
Will you find him in the mood to quit
Certainly not to quit his Lovely Wife, Mae Gene
Who stands with him since her age of eighteen
Now that her One and Only has reached the age of eighty
She knows only too well how they have gone through plenty
And they have gone through well with well brought-up Children
Who now move in dignity, matching the Global Kindren


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