If only we could transcend those barriers we fashion
Feelings that have never been birthed with compassion
Mocking others for they’re a lot different from us
Not even pushing for a mere understanding of sort
In our hearts the dark castle of malice well guarded
Our once potent minds weakened by unbound loathe
Seldom will we find a place to make Unity triumph
For in us a novel fraternity of all thoughts vanished
We strive on the opposite of all that was once excellent
Our feelings not to accept others with their strangeness
That which we cherish as greatly singular and different
In us a singularity that is like a thorn pricking others
But unless its difference is of greater malice we deem
For with us it matters not of how it’s uniqueness glitters
Frighteningly we conceal under the guise of fake smirks
Wanting not to prove love triumphs even in dark times
If we could just hold unto the goodness life dearly want
Our goading pains won’t push up deeper into that ugly Pit


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