When it takes a twisted decade to make one worthy
When it takes many tongues wagging all year round
When it takes my obstinate nature to finally accede
When it takes my troubled mind to finally dwindle
When it takes my bubbling wrath to wither swiftly
When it takes my self-esteem to skyrocket again
When it takes my scrawny frame to gain potency
When it takes my slothful eyes to finally see light
When all the filth in me washes away for rectitude
When the night comes and my demons can’t slay
When I awaken conscious that JESUS still loves me
When I convince myself I can overcome my hurdles
When the excuses aren’t stacked up like leftovers
When I am cognizant of life’s innumerable lessons
When I know the dice is hurled and it is finished
When someone loves me for the chaos I can be at times

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