I was an advocate


I brought down kingdoms with my voice
My words were sharper than a blade’s handle. I knew the message that awakened the masses
That could spark the flames in their souls
I knew the cords to feel and make them rise to their feet in unison
And chat a slogan that tore down empires
I knew the melodies that drove the birds from the forests and gathered them under a roof
My tongue could shake a cotton tree to the ground
That was me…the advocate
I sit in shock and bow my face as broken kingdoms arise and flip their swords
I’ve dug a pit and buried my feet and sent the foot soldiers to hell
I grabbed a trumpet and blew for emperors to triumph on the backs of the masses
And joined the melodious chorus of the nightingales gathered from the forest
And sing an ode for Napoleon!
All hail forever!
Yesterday I was an advocate!
Yesterday I was a fool!


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