This is an after rain Monday morning

The roads were easy unlike most days

The police were not so tense all calm

The alarm was a man face down or hurt

The onlookers did not stop but drove by

I Do Not Know His Name

This is not the usual way I commute

The passenger seat hosts my hand bag

The comfort of me having a driver is null

The time to catch up during the long traffic

The other motorist looks tells you are down

I Do Not Know His Name

This man was outside education ministry

The handsome shirt he wore pulled my gaze

The orange and red stripy shirt filled my morn

The phone was in his left hand the other rested

The black pants he wore was short and neat

I Do Not Know His Name

This man becomes my giant for the year

The odds against him are just too many

The will he has had to overcome his trials

The man has no legs but he uses his hands

The man is positive and full of a million stars

I Do Not Know His Name

This man made it to work on time before I did

The man sits flat on the ground but has hope

The thought of not having legs is not his worry

The zeal to be a successful man is the way up

The man is grateful he has been blessed too

I Do Not Know His Name

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