Golden Sunshine in Liberia


Orange bird like cute flowers in bloom
Pink beautiful plasticky rounded petals
Graze lawns as I breathe a gush of wind
Rising from the deep blue restless sea
Avoids the powdery sand shore in bronze
Golden Sunshine …… In Liberia
Royal green palms wave loose and rustle
Etched all about are sight of natures reserve
Brazenly the energy to dare a dreaded act
Loose a groomed forest to a portion of faux
Persuasion nags a mind as an arrow to eye
Golden Sunshine ……. In Liberia
Pink pastel evening sky with a bowing sun
Rich streaks of darkness swimmer by afar
Casts a shadow of rest on native enclaves
Happy sounds from souls planted to reign
With staff of steel to plow for ease or gain
Golden Sunshine …….. In Liberia


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