This girl was on her way to school
Her back faced the road as I passed
Her black backpack was on her shoulders
Also she was dressed in green and white
With a pair of black sneakers and socks
Strangely she held finely a pair of crutches
She was going to school against the odds
Going To School

This girl was afflicted with poliomyelitis
Her feet hurt but she surmounted the plague
Her arms struggle to support her young frame
Also the day ran past her but her resolve lived
With a heart determined to win she trudged on
Stepped her swingy climb over jutting rocks
She came across as a giant trampling trials
Going To School

This girl will go to places many will never dare
Her energy is faint compared to her challenges
Her matrixes build high to the sky but for free
Amazed at her sheer will to step into greatness
Will to run faster than the cheetahs of the wild
Solid like sword in stone her future very bright
Survival in the mist of this deep chocolate sea
Going To School


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