For the African Child


If African leaders had the sight of a sparrow
They would grip today like a lioness and preserve tomorrow
And keep an eye on every child walking the shores
To have a space, a smile, a hope, no woes
For Africa belongs to Vamba, Jabulani, Kemah, Ewetse, Korlu, Armah and even me
Why can’t you just let us be?
We watch our tomorrow torn in shreds by men who would be long gone
When the tax collector stops by to collect all we’d have done
I wish I’d someday grow and scold these preys
And line them up and let each have his day
Why would they eat what was mine?
Didn’t they have a share of the goldmine?
May the dust erase your prints if you stole tomorrow’s joy
And packed in a barn to rot while we’re chained like toy
Tell the world that our brains can retell our stories too
And count the stars if that’s what we must do
The kids with the skinny bones on television screens
Also carry their dreams
They’re not the only casts of the crew
Tell them about the geniuses, athletes and runners in case they never knew


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