She weeps when I am in deep anguish
She nurses me with loving tenderness
She cries when I wail out my torments
She toils daily to feed my hungry belly
She laughs when I share jokes with her
She sleeps only when I have dozed off
She wakes me early to get me ready

Dear Mother
She kisses me when I tell her I love her
For her value should not be overlooked
Without her my essence would be gloomy
She lives to see out the best in her child
Throughout times even when it was tough
For she knew it was her outmost goal
Never forsaking that joy she bore happily

Dear Mother
She shows me the many rights and wrongs
She applauds me when I have done better
She frowns on my errors to emboden me
She will never rest until I she sees me smirk
She knows all that many will never know
She’s my eternal friend forever cherish
Never will she ever let her dear one fail
My Dear Mother


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