Crash, the First Law of Love


The darkened conscience of our society questions the fate

of all human endeavors. How slowly we die when we give

our hearts to them in exchange for their deceits. Then crash-

the natural law of love in this country- begins. It only takes

them cheat to win their way away and leave your heart

breaking on the floor to be repaired by another intruder and then

broken again. From whence does this myth that keeps our destiny

distant from happening come? Has love turned to a Lottery,

Winner, or Blooming? I was lured by the fancies that characterize her

beauty and lies. When the accented beats of my heart alerted me to the

tragedy that I was made for, the fragrance from her smile sent a certain

silence in the other side of my world that made my love blind, dumb,

and deaf again. And we were still on the battlefield. She was the commander;

I was the executer. I suddenly realized that I was left alone on the

frontline still executing when my heart and her l-o-v-e  were traded

for dollars—– Oh what a TRADITION!!!!

My compromised death hurts me into this poetry; But we all cherish

the common human privilege lent to us by His Grace. How many of us

are enlisted to be dying of love today?

Life goes on…..


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