Confession Of A Blade Runner


Who was it that took the stand?
Who had to say how he shot her?
Who cried in the court for a show?
Who needed to have a green bucket?
Who now bears the guilt and shame?
A Blade Runner
Who shot his beautiful roommate?
Who did he say he thought she was?
Who got jealous and angry all at once?
Who planned to get his gun and legs?
Who did he think was there with them?
A Blade Runner
Who fires four times before being sure?
Who has bloodstains all over with no clue?
Who is the monster that downs the happy girl?
Who is the man with four tons of insecurity?
A Blade Runner
Who has the parents sobbing uncontrollably?
Who will dampen their grief stricken hearts?
Who will reenact her last days for them again?
Who will say what he did to their lovely child?
Who will believe the cocked up tale his drama?
A Blade Runner

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