Comrade OJ Goes Beyond

As a member of the Progressive, the late Oscar J. Quiah was able to secure the position of Civilian General of the six (6) men council that headed the Interim Government preceding the leadership of Dr. Amos C. Sawyer.

In celebration of the life of Comrade Oscar Jaryee Quiah (OJ) 

By Togba-Nah Tipoteh

Comrade OJ goes beyond
Beyond through burial in the ground
One coming from the dust
One returning to the dust
But there is no rust
Because there is no rest
In the Struggle for Justice
To end the scourge of injustice
Until Justice for All prevails
No matter what the Struggle entails
As we do the Progressive Talk
We must walk the Progressive Talk
To demonstrate what is real
Rather than what is surreal
To show commitment in the people’s interest
Even with tons of bullets to our breast
Whenever death comes
The Struggle becomes
Continuous for Justice 
To end the scourge of injustice
To let Justice for All to prevail
As we sing All Hail Liberia All Hail


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