Cheer Up


Roll out of bed and stretch your limbs

Lucky you had legs to stand on today

Shake your body like a tree in the wind

Plan the events of dealing and wheeling

Cheer Up………You are alive

Dig hard with a shovel in the bare earth

Luck is on your side o, gold dust shows

Dance and shout for all to come and see

Push away the sorrow and jubilate loud

Cheer Up…….You have strength

With gloves over his hands and face mask

Luck or muck but there to wash up cadavers

Remorse in the start now an easy way of life

The end result has no dead faces on the notes

Cheer Up……….You must struggle

The heat is raging like being in the furnance

Lucky and not hungry food is all round you

The sweat runs down to the hidden spots

Your elbow mops up the salty beads of labor

Cheer Up……….You have a job

The Doctor said you will not be alive today

The teacher made you feel like the floor rag

The other students called your ugly bad names

The story is not the same today you made it

Cheer Up……….You are the head


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