Be it either so little or large

Be it either long or that short

So straight or more curves to it

That great or just the ordinary

So silent or that buzzing clamor

A moment rarely seen it will be

Come it might with lot of pains

Or zilch as delight springs forth

Speck by speck or so much more

Bigger size or simply that small



By Varney L.S. Gean


Just a walk downtown Monrovia

Ding dong the buzz everywhere

In pockets and those bug bags

In hands held ever so tightly

All waiting the latest news must hear

Those gossips and small chats

The ringing tones echo all over

Somebody on the line for that talk

Some news the eager ears await

From sunrise to sunset oh really



By Varney L.S. Gean


Thoughtful it was that it be all that

Thoughtful it was they could win it

Thoughtful it was the rightful time

Thoughtful it was all in right in place

Never have they thought of failure

Thoughtful it was they will do better

Thoughtful it was the game plan works

Thoughtful it was the everything will change

Never have they thought of defeat

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