Below the Belt


Reading the signs of hope
Hoping for a healthy haven
Yet we are below the belt

Fecundating the farmland of fantasy and furthering
Perpetually the crown of injustice
These our guardians foster

Though talkative and frivolous we may appear
In the eyes of our beholders
We civilize society and preach the unwanted sermon
O peace and justice
But we are below the belt
We willingly crave for death in the name of sacrifice
To serve humanity
Looking, reading, and talking
We hunger for greener pasture

Sitting below the belt our tears roll through our cheeks
Begging for mercy we need not to
Bravely breathing the breath of relief
On the fence of our imprisonment
We take pride

Crying for royalty to let us have the crumbs
Is an unceasing duty
We don’t need much but we need more
For we are below the belt


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